Maximum Liberty

Change comes from voting for a leader you believe in -  - - 

Not from voting against a person you don't.


Why i am runniNG

I am running because I am frustrated with politics. The Democrats and Republicans have become consumed with party politics and party agendas and not with representing West Virginians. Failure to compromise is crippling our state.  Both parties have run the State and both parties have put West Virginia almost last on every list. I am running to clear our path to success by removing whats holding us back.

the platform


Individual Liberties

Respect for individual rights and liberties is essential for the success of West Virginia. Freedom to live our lives in the way each person deems best for themselves is the cornerstone to effective Government. Protecting those rights is the most important role of the State.


Economic Development


Asset based development is a sustainable way to promote economic growth through the resources, skills and strengths West Virginia already has. We have many assets that if mobilized will result in a permanent economic momentum.  We must remove regulation and bureaucracy  that prevents local small businesses and entrepreneurs from being successful. 


Youth Retention


West Virginia’s biggest asset is its youth. In 2018, West Virginia had a population decrease of approximately 11,216 residents. All this while the overall national population is growing. Our youth are fleeing to other states. They are taught from a young age that they need to move out of West Virginia for jobs and opportunity. We must change this mind set. West Virginia higher education institutions have a great knack for recruiting out of state students. We must take efforts to make West Virginia a friendly place for our youth. This will allow us not only to retain our population but to grow through the retention of college students. The first step in the process is to eliminate the partisan politics and pandering to special interest industries that West Virginia has become known for.